Four Benefits of SysAid Ticketing System

A ticketing system is a powerful support tool that provides IT technicians with an efficient way of managing their help desk processes from first contact to resolution. It allows tickets to be tracked and collaborated upon by technicians while providing progress updates to the end-user throughout the process. At LaGuardia Community College, we are now using the SysAid Ticketing system and here are four benefits of this new implementation.

1 – Faculty & Staff Benefits

Faculty and Staff are kept entirely in the loop with regard to the progress of their ticketed issue. Since multiple IT technicians may be collaborating to resolve the issue, the end-user is provided with a more detailed and comprehensive report than they would through a traditional email, phone support, or in person. Submitting a ticket is as simple as having end-users fill out a simple web form.

2 – Accountability

SysAid Ticketing system keeps the technician accountable for the service being provided and the end-user informed as to the process as well as the progress involved in resolving the issue. All progress is tracked and stored. Therefore should any questions, inquiries or issues arise, the ticket can easily be accessed, assessed and updated accordingly at any desired point. It also provides technicians with the ability to review the diagnostic process and consult with colleagues to enable them to find an alternative solution to successfully solving the issue.

3 – Training Resource

SysAid ticketing system provides a great opportunity evaluate trending issues that occur via the ticketing system. This will also for a targeted approach to designing and implementing new training, handouts, and FAQ’s deployed specifically to address common issues and provide the end-user with much needed assistance.

4 – Time Management

Finally, SysAid ticketing system allows for estimating time for resolving issues. Technicians have the ability to view the elapsed time from the start of a ticket to a resolution. The presence of a timeline provides the technician with a time frame related to certain issues. This allows them to allot sufficient time to solve issues and provide the end-user with a more accurate time frame for completion. Best of all, since tickets are stored, technicians can easily refer back to any relevant past issues and use the resolution data to solve similar newly assigned tickets at a more rapid pace.